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Foldable Hair Dryer

Model Number C02
Heater PTC
Material ABS
Wire length 2m
Size 11.5*21.5cm
Power 1600W
Rated voltage 220V
Temperature 57℃
Wind power Hot/Cold (2 speed)
Adapter BR/US/EU/AU Specs available


PTC heater, foldable handle

1. 600W high power quickly dries and keeps a constant temperature of 57℃ (134.6℉) for hair care


2. Twenty million negative ions, reduce split ends, get rid of frizz, and improve static electricity for hair


3. 7-leaf balanced soft wind design, overheating automatic protection


4. There is hot and cold air, two speeds switching


5. Foldable handle for easy portability

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Salon Use The perfect tool for hairstylists who want to give their clients the perfect style every time. Hotel use with ultimate hair styling experience,our hair dryer is the perfect addition to any hotel room, providing guests with the tools they need to look and feel their best during their stay. Home use Anytime, anywhere, worry-free and easy to make the hairstyle you want.


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